"From 1953 to 1969, one of my main passions in life was making amateur movies.  At first I didn’t really want to make movies as much as show them.  There was a 16mm movie camera in the Glut family since before I was born.  I loved horror and science fiction films, but in those early days virtually none were available to show on our home-movie screen.  The solution: To screen 'monster' type movies at home, anytime I wanted, I’d have to make them myself!
  "Over those years I made 41 such films … featuring dinosaurs, the Frankenstein Monster, teenage monsters, Superman and other superheroes, and whatever subject matter that struck my fancy.  Relatively few of them had actual scripts, most were improvised 'on the spot' and shot over just a few hours. And most of them are barely watchable today.  I wore a lot of hats (actor, writer, director, make-up artists, special effects man, stuntman, prop builder, cameraman) ... also masks and helmets.  Coverage of some of them in monster magazines of their era (Famous Monsters of Filmland, Fantastic Monsters of the Films and Castle of Frankenstein) got me fairly well known as an amateur filmmaker.
  "Here they are, all 41 of them, grouped together according to category, and then within that category, in the order they were made."

                        Don Glut

 Diplodocus at Large (1953)
 The Earth Before Man (1956)
 Dinosaur Destroyer (1959)
 The Time Monsters (1959)
 The Fire Monsters (1959; 
               based on Gigantis, the Fire Monster)
 The Age of Reptiles (1960; 
               project for high-school science fair; won award)
 Time Is Just a Place (1961; another science-fair project)
 Tor, King of Beasts (1962; 
               based on King Kong
 Son of Tor (1964) 

 Frankenstein Meets Dracula (1957)
 Return of the Wolfman (1957)
 The Revenge of Dracula (1958)
 The Frankenstein Story (1958)
 Return of the Monster Maker (1958)
 The Teenage Frankenstein (1959)
 The Slave of the Vampire (1959)

 The Teenage Werewolf  (1959)
 I Was a Teenage Apeman  (1959)
 The Day I Vanished (1959)
 I Was a Teenage Vampire (1959)
 Return of the Teenage Werewolf (1959)
 The Teenage Frankenstein meets the Teenage Werewolf
 Revenge of the Teenage Werewolf  (1960)
 Monster Rumble (1961)
 The Invisible Teenager (1962)
 Dragstrip Dracula (1962)

 Wrath of the Sun Demon (1965; USC student film, 
        starring Bob Burns)
 Jeepers Creepers Car Chase (1965, starring Fred “Jeepers’ 
        Keeper” Stuthman, made for Jeepers' Creepers
        Theater TV show)
 For What Purpose? (1966; USC student film)

 Captain Marvel (1962)
 Superduperman(1962, inspired by the Mad comic-book story)
 The Human Torch (1963)
 The Adventures of the Spirit (1963, with Bob Burns, Jim 
        Harmon and Glenn Strange as the Frankenstein
 Spy Smasher vs. the Purple Monster (1964, 4-chapter
        serial released to theatres & TV; cast includes Doug
 Batman and Robin (1964, with Larry Ivie;  shown in 
        “underground” theatres)
 Captain America Battles the Red Skull (1964, with Larry
         Ivie, shown in "underground" theatres)
 Captain America vs. the Mutant (1964, USC, with Randal 
         Kleiser & Bob Burns)
 Superman vs. the Gorilla Gang (1965, USC, with Bob Burns
         & “serial heavies” Roy Barcroft & Kenne Duncan)
 Rocketman Flies Again (1966, cast includes Larry M. Byrd,
          Eric L. Hoffman; "home movie" distribution, shown in
          “underground” theatres) 
 Atom Man vs. Martian Invaders (1967)
 Spider-Man (1969, cast includes Jim Harmon, Bill Obbagy)


In addition to acting in his own amateur movies, Don has "appeared" in various professional motion pictures, including the following:

 Von Ryan's Express (1965; World War II POW)
 The Graduate (1967; college student)
 Schlock (1971; guy in movie-theatre auditorium)
 King Kong (1976; guy in amphitheatre bleachers where Kong escapes)
  Bikini Drive-In (1995; guy wearing leather jacket kissing blonde in car)
 Attack of the 60-Foot Centerfold (1995; voice heard on the "Earth Shaker" song)
 Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996, Allosaurus hand that rips off cavegirl's "bra")
 The Vampire Hunters Club (2001, "outtake")
 The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula (2001,hands in recording studio & getting autograph)
 The Mummy's Kiss (2002, hands sealing up crate)  Until the Night (2003, partygoer)
 My Life with Count Dracula (2003, interviewee)
 Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood (2004, hands tipping stripper)
 The Dream of Alvareen (2004, partygoer; also 2nd-unit direction)
 The Last Eve (2004, nightclub patron)
 The Mummy's Kiss: 2nd Dynasty (2006, A. Spektor, PhD)
 Blood Scarab (2008, Mr. Sarno, Chauncey)
 Gaiking I, II & III (2008, voice-over for Gen, various other characters)
 Spine-Tingler! (2008, himself)
 The Boneyard Collection (2008, lab technician)
 Danguard Ace I, II & III (2008, voice-over for Sado, other characters)
 Space Pirate Captain Harlock I & II (voice-over for Dr. Zero & other characters)
 Nadja (various characters)
 Lun Lun I & II (2009, Nouvea, other characters)
 Kitara's Graveyard Gang (2009, Konaki Jijii, Dr. Ido Sennin, Frankie & Politician)
 Dead Rising (voiceover for Shelton Manager, others)
 Digimon Fusion Battles (2010, voice-overs for Jijimon, Dondokomon, Referee & others)
 Pretty Cure 5 (voice-overs for Director & Frog)
 The Amazing Colossal Woman (2016, paleontologist)

     Don has appeared in numerous student films including Glut (1967), a USC short (written by John Milius, directed by Basil Poledouris and edited by Randal Kleiser) about him that has played on TV and in various film festivals. Don has also appeared on various TV entertainment shows as diverse as The Dating Game, The Cromie Circle, KMEX News, Garfield Goose, Graveyard Theatre, Monster Madhouse, A&E Biography, Kennedy & Company, and Internet shows like Creature Feature, and Around Comics .  In the late 1960s he acted in a TV commercial with Dick Clark.  And in 1987 he hosted his own cable-TV talk show, Dinosaur Tracks, (co-produced with Kevin Glover and Marvin Jones).

Download the free player from www.quicktime.com to watch these clips from Don's movies:

  TV commercial with Dick Clark
  The Adventures of the Spirit (1963)
  Son of Tor (1964)
  Captain America vs. the Mutant (1964) 
  Wrath of the Sun Demon (1965)
  Jeepers Creepers Car Chase (1965)
  Superman vs. the Gorilla Gang (1965)
  Rocketman Flies Again (1966)
  Glut (1967)
  Spider-Man (1969)
  Dinosaur Valley Girls (1996)


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