DONALD F. GLUT (IMDb  The International Movie Database),  FacebookWookiepedia,,  MarvelTMDB (The Movie Database),  The Internet Speculative Fiction DatabaseAmazonTransformers Wiki, Wikidata, WikiwandSFE (The Encylopedia of Science Fiction)GoodreadsAudible, Fantastic Fiction, Rotten TomatoesLetterboxd, Encyclopedia.com,    MediumPenguin Random House Higher Education, Comic Book Central,  FictionDBTV Guide, FuturesPast Editions, AllMovieOpen Library, Don Markstein’s Toonpedia, PeoplePill, Academic Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, and Wikipedia) has been professionally active in both the entertainment and publishing businesses since 1966.

Don Glut, as informally known, has had a long and varied career. He has been a musician, actor, film director, executive producer, photographer, magazine editor, proofreader and (briefly, for an advertising agency) copywriter, but is mostly known for his long career as a freelance writer. He has authored approximately 80 fiction and non-fiction books (none self-published), also motion-picture scripts, TV scripts  (live action and animation, network and syndicated),  comic-book scripts, short stories, articles, music and theatre.  He’s been involved with popular franchises such as The Monkees, Tarzan, Spider-Man, Star Wars. Transformers, Captain America, G.I. Joe, Vampirella, Masters of the Universe, The Flintstones, Jonny Quest and others, and created original comic-book characters for Gold Key, Marvel and DC.  Don may best be known for his novelization of the  movie The Empire Strikes Back (Number One Best Seller for almost two months, having sold millions of copies, still in print – and read — today).

Always busy, Donald F. Glut currently executive-produces, writes and directs “traditional-style” horror movies – featuring iconic monsters – for his company Pecosborn Productions   and writes horror-comics scripts for Shudder and Vampiress Carmilla magazines (and is Associate Editor).  He is also West Coast Representative of  Las Vegas Talent Agency.

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