“Masters of the Universe”

Don talks ks about his movies including the proposed vampire film Blood Justice
All about Don’s Batman and Robin amateur movie – in Spanish.
The Warren Magazines
About Don’s writing for the black and white horror magazines, particularly those from Warren Publishing Company.

Discussing the contemporary comic book scene
COMICBOOKBIN.COM – Teenage Movie Maker
Don discusses the DVD I Was a Teenage Movie Maker.
Drunken Severed Head
Max Cheney interviews Don about horror movies and other topics.
Janalan Henderson
Mostly about Don’s old amateur movies.
nd other movies made by Don.

Don on LA Talk Radio’ Film Courage show
Savage Critic
About Don’s career in general (including some “sensitive” issues)
Straight 2 DVD
Don discusses King Kong (1976) and his various works
Talking about writing “Who REALLY was that Masked Man?”
Talking about writing the “New Adventures of Frankenstein” novel series.

Movies that were planned but never made, Part 4.
Flights, Tights and Movie Nights
Don talks about his 1969 Spider-Man amateur movie and related projects.
Comics on Comics
Don talks about almost everything.
Don talks about the classic Gold Key series.

Don talks with entertainment show hosts Bob Turnbull and Joseph R Gardner.


WWII Registry of Remembrances
Lt. Frank C. Glut, my Dad, honored in the World War II Registry of Remembrances
PBS.ORG – The Perilous Fight, Letters from the Front
My parents’ WW II correspondence dramatized on The Perilous Fight(PBS).
Family tree on both Mother’s and Father’s sides.

*Note: Reviews of motion pictures can be found at

Vampire Hunters RULE the web at night!
Official website for The Vampire Hunters Club.
Film Artists Network [F.A.N.]
Where and how to license films made by Frontline Entertainment, Inc.
Internet Movie Database
Lots of credits and esoteric information.
Don’s appearance in John Landis’ Schlock, with references to his amateur movies.
The Ancient Egypt Film Site
The Mummy’s Kiss photos on a Netherlands website about Egypt and Egyptology.


Zobovar’s Transformers Television Encyclopedia: Writer Credits
Including plot synopses of individual Transformers episodes
Transformers Episode Guide
Details on individual episodes
The Falcon’s Lair
Details & credits on the series Dynomutt, Dog Wonder
Toonrific Database – Paszaz Entertainment Network
More detailed cartoon credits
Superhero Cartoon Database – Paszaz Entertainment Network
Details on superhero cartoons
Spider-Man (1981)
Details on the solo Spider-Man cartoon from Marvel Productions
Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends (1981-83)
Details on the Spider-Friends cartoon from Marvel Productions
Mighty Orbots Episode Guide
Details on individual episodes
Cybertron Chronicle
Another Transformers website including plot synopses of episodes.


Book Browser Review: The Empire Strikes Back
Review of the novel
Donald F. Glut – Bibliography Summary
Details on various editions of The Empire Strikes Back and other writings
Watershed Online
Frankenstein Meets Dracula and other Glut books discussed

The Groovy Age of Horror
The New Adventures of Frankenstein series and other Glut books discussed

PALEONTOLOGY: The Dinosaur Encyclopedia by Donald F. Glut
Review of “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia”
Comments from Donald F. Glut on “Dinosaurs: The Encylopedia”
The author speaks about his planned series of books
Rettig on Reference 8/97
Review of “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia”
Reviews of “Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs” and “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia”
Common Misconceptions about Dino’s
Co-compiled with paleontologist Michael K. Brett-Surman
Carbon Dates, by Donald Glut
Review of “Carbon Dates”
Full Reference Info for Don Glut’s Dinosaur Encyclopedia
Just that, including a review of ‘Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia”
Why Are Dinosaurs So Popular? Excerpts from “The Complete Dinosaur”
Excerpt about dinosaurs in popular culture
Re: Spoilers: Lost World Errors (O.K. to Look)
Noting paleontological mistakes in the Jurassic Park movies
Harlan Ellison: Essay Collections – “An Edge in My Voice”
Recommending “Dinosaurs, Mammoths and Cavemen: The Art of Charles R. Knight”
“Dinosaur” Production Notes
Excerpt from “The New Dinosaur Dictionary”
Dino Land Book Reviews — Jurassic Classics
Reviewed by geologist Alan A. Debus of Hell Creek Creations
Tony (“Saur Losers”) Campagna reviews some of Don’s books.
“Priscum” review for “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia” & supplement 1
Downloadable review by Robert M. Sullivan (Adobe Acrobat format PDF)
“Priscum” review for “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia” & supplement 2
Downloadable review by Robert M. Sullivan (Adobe Acrobat format PDF)
“Priscum” review for “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia” & supplement 3
Downloadable review by Robert M. Sullivan (Adobe Acrobat format PDF)
“Priscum” review for “Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia” & supplement 4
Downloadable review by Robert M. Sullivan (Adobe Acrobat format PDF)
Collector’s Quest
A tour through Don’s collection of prehistoria.


A Day in the life of Mike Nesmith
About the Penny Arkade, a band in which Don (“Marvel”) played bass guitar.
The Groovy Penny Arkade
Well, at least some of this Penny Arkade information is correct!
The Penny Arkade
Chris Ducey and Craig Smith, lead singers/song writers of the Penny Arkade.
Penny Arkade @ Artists
A quite accurate account of the history of the Penny Arkade.
Official website of Michael “Nez” Nesmith, producer of the Penny Arkade.
Richie Unterberger
Discussing the Penny Arkade in Richie Unterberger’s Eight Miles High: Flight from Haight-Ashbury to Woodstock.
The Penny Arkade™ Story
“Marvel” tells it like it was about the elusive, late 1960s rock group.
High Bias
High Bias reviews the Penny Arkade: Not the Freeze CD
Top ten garage/psychedelic reissues of 2004
The Penny Arkade makes a “Top Ten” list!
Various Penny Arkade reviews
Some of reviews of the Penny Arkade CD Not the Freeze


Elizabeth Bathory data
On the “Blood Countess of Transylvania,” excerpted from “The Dracula Book”
Vampire Redux – Studies of the Vampire Film
Review of “The Dracula Book”
Vampiri Europeana: Vampir Horror-Roman
Details on Frankenstein novels featuring Dracula, translated into German
Barnabas: Dark Shadows in Bright Afternoon
Dark Shadows article published in Monsters of the Movies (1974).
For Dark Shadows fans only.


Space Heroes Tom Corbett […etc.]
“Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” excerpt from “The Great Television Heroes”
Roaring Rockets – The Space Hero Files II
Review of “The Great Television Heroes”
Raiders of the Movie Serials
Excerpt from “The Great Movie Serials”
Roaring Rockets — Space Toys
A “Captain Video” space helmet, with quote from “The Great Television Heroes”
The Story of the Kuklapolitans
Excerpts from “The Great Television Heroes” regarding Kukla, Fran and Ollie.
Horror Host Hall of Fame
Memories of Terry “Marvin” Bennett and Chicago’s Shock Theatre TV program.

The Sunbow Staff: Donald F. Glut
Complete Marvel Comics writing credits
Dr. Brainz Mad Scientists … Dr. Adam Spektor
Nice “Occult Files of Dr. Spektor” cover.
Eight Against a World
Marvel’s “Star Wars” title
The story of Occult Files of Dr. Spektor
Toonopedia’s DAGAR THE INVINCIBLE page
The story of Occult Files of Dr. Spektor
Toonopedia’s TRAGG AND THE SKY GODS page
The story of Tragg and the Sky Gods
Gary Garver’s “Controlled Chaos”
With writer-producer Gerry Conway on Gary Garver’s “CONTROLLED CHAOS” radio program


FANAC Names Cross Reference
Photo plus links to various SF-convention related sites
L.A. Con III Convention Report
Transcripts of panel discussions, re: dinosaurs and movie ratings
A Report on “Dracula 97” – Program
Among the guests celebrating the centennial of Bram Stoker’s Dracula
Tricon – 1966 WorldCon
As the Amazing Spider-Man and in “civilian” clothes
LA Con II 1984
“Fantasy Dinosaurs of the Movies,” a lecture with film clips
G Fest 97
A convention devoted to Godzilla and other Japanese movie monsters
Shepherd Express
Opinions on the American version of Godzilla
Rising Star 11
At the Rising Star 11 convention in 2002.
Tricon 1966
Don as Spider-Man at the Tricon in 1966.
Don at various science-fiction, etc. conventions.

MISCELLANEOUS: Donald F. Glut Club
Come join! Includes a message board for discussion.
The Makeup Man and the Monster: John Chambers … [etc.]
The faked “Bigfoot” movie footage
The World of Don Glut
Montage created by fan Rob Long
C4 TotalSearch – Price Comparison
Where to get the best deals on Don’s books
Donald F. Glut Biography
A biography and resume for those of you who read German.
History of Comic Kingdom
Joe Sarno’s memories of Chicago comic-book fandom
Tribute to Elisabeth Brooks of the Howling
She’s missed!
The Wold Newton Universe
“Crossovers” of Don’s character and concept creations into other “universes.”
Glut Biography in Spanish
A biography for people who can read Spanish
Recent photo of Don