SHORT STORIES: “Who Really Was that Masked Man?”; “Ranger of Eternity”; “My Creation, My Beloved,” “Dr. Karnstein’s Creation,”  “Origin of a Super-Hero,”  “To Be Frank,” “F.R.A.N.K.E.N.S.T.E.I.N.”  (these five and many others included in the short story collection Tales of Frankenstein; “Vampire’s Gold” (not published); “Tragg and the Jaws of Death“; “Demon Stone“; “Valley of the Shadow”; “The Girl Who Taught David to Love”; NOTE: Some stories Don wrote were without name credit.


COMIC BOOKS, STRIPS, MAGAZINES & GRAPHIC NOVELS:Tales of Frankenstein ; Captain America; Thor; Tarzan Weekly; What If; The Invaders;Kull the Destroyer;  3-D Man; Dagar the Invincible (creator); The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor   (creator); Tragg and the Sky Gods(creator); Conan AnnualSolomon Kane;  Tales of the Hyborian Age; Ghost Rider; Classics Illustrated (not published); Forbidden Gallery; Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction; Vampirella; Creepy; The Creeps  (associate editor) Eerie; Psycho; Arrgh!; Twilight Zone; Ripley’s Believe It or Not!;  Boris Karloff’s Tales of MysteryGrimm’s Ghost Stories; Walt Disney Comics Digest; Golden Comics Digest; House of  Mystery; House of Secrets; Chilling Adventures in Sorcery; Madhouse; Haunt of Horror (not published); The Protector; Dr. Spektor Presents Spine-Tingling TalesBugs BunnyPorky Pig; Tweety and Sylvester; The Little MonstersX-Men AdventuresSpace Family RobinsonVampiress Carmilla  (associate editor)l;  Shudder  (associate editor); Ghost Manor; Ghostly Haunts; Ghostly Tales; Star Wars; Daddy Cool; Mystery Comics DigestCauldron of Horror; Terra O’Hara (creator, with Alfredo P. Alcala); Fanta  (creator); Eldorado Red  (not published), Tor-Gund the Beast Chief (Tarzan, not published),  Bwana War (Tarzan, not published).  Blood of the Dragon (Jane, not published), The Lost World (graphic novels, not published); others.  NOTE:  Many stories Don wrote were without name credit.


MAGAZINE ARTICLES (excluding “fanzines”): Modern Monsters (editor);Famous Monsters of Filmland; Castle of Frankenstein;  Coffin CutiesDinosaur; Dinosaur Times; Dinosauria; King of the Monsters (associate editor); E-Go Collectors Series  (associate editor); Monsters of the Movies  (associate editor); Henry Winkler Magazine (associate editor); TV’s Dynamic Heroes (associate editor);  Comixscene; Mediascene/Prevue  (West Coast editor); Dinosaurs Invade Philadelphia; Pizzazz;    MGM’s Marvelous Wizard of Oz; Monsters Unleashed!; Search Magazine; Vampire Tales; Science Fiction Illustrated; Natural HistoryThe Journal of Frankenstein The American Way; Family Circle; GritRight on!Tiger Beat; Fave;  Incredible Science Fiction; Model Graphix; Dino-Frontline; The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor;  Dagar the Invincible;  Tragg and the Sky Gods; Golden Comics Digest Mystery Comics Digest; Walt Disney Comics Digest; Scary Monsters; others


MISCELLANEOUS: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1982 Bob Burns Halloween show, televised on CBS); Teenage Monster Rumble and The Prodigy Son (showcase scenes, also directed);   “Frankenstein: A Poem”;    You Bet Jurassic (Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL);  Tales of Frankenstein Collector’s Photo-Book; Dinosaurs in the Movies (museum laserdisc exhibit); record album, cassette & CD liner notes: Frankensteinand Dracula  radio shows (liner notes); “Give Our Love (to All the People”) (song co-writer,Penny Arkade: Not the Freeze CD album, also performed and co-wrote liner notes); also liner notes for the three “Dinosaur Tracks” and three “Dinosaur Talks” CDs produced and performed with Pete Von Sholly for Fossil Records;  “The Mummy’s Wrap,” included on The Mummy’s Kiss soundtrack CD);  wrote the  Universal Monsters Press Kit  (not issued);  wrote and produced various Tales of Frankenstein and Dances with Werewolves   calendars;  also, briefly was a copywriter for Milt Valera Public Relations, Van Nuys, CA; and wrote numerous scripts for Jim Harmon’s Mini-Drama radio series, two of which — “Frankenstein” (part 1) and “Madhouse of Death” — can be heard on the Tales of Frankenstein DVD.


FANZINES AND NEWSLETTERS: Don began writing in 1962 for “fanzines,” at times even editing and publishing. contributing to such publications (e.g., The Fantasy Journal, The Transylvanian Newsletter, Radio Hero, Jack Kirby Collector, Review,  Outre’ ,  Night, Amateur Producer’s Magazine, Wonder Stories, The Tom Crier,  Ready for Showing, Mammoth, Guts, Graphic Story World, Alter Ego, Journal of Vampirism, Prehistoric Times   and Dinosaur World. In 1962, he published/edited (with Dick Andersen) the fanzine Shazam! and in 1994 the one-shot Dinosaur Tracks Newsletter.