SHORT STORIES: “Who Really Was that Masked Man?”; “Ranger to Eternity”; “My Creation, My Beloved,” “Dr. Karnstein’s Creation,”  “Origin of a Super-Hero,”  “To Be Frank,” “F.R.A.N.K.E.N.S.T.E.I.N.”  (these five and many others included in the short story collection Tales of Frankenstein; “Vampire’s Gold” (not published); “Tragg and the Jaws of Death“; “Demon Stone“; “Valley of the Shadow”; “The Girl Who Taught David to Love”; NOTE: Some stories Don wrote were without name credit.


COMIC BOOKS, STRIPS, MAGAZINES & GRAPHIC NOVELS:Tales of Frankenstein ; Captain America; Thor; Tarzan Weekly; What If; The Invaders;Kull the Destroyer;  3-D Man; Dagar the Invincible (creator); The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor   (creator); Tragg and the Sky Gods(creator); Conan AnnualSolomon Kane;  Tales of the Hyborian Age; Ghost Rider; Classics Illustrated (not published); Forbidden Gallery; Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction; Vampirella; Creepy; The Creeps  (associate editor) Eerie; Psycho; Arrgh!; Twilight Zone; Ripley’s Believe It or Not!;  Boris Karloff’s Tales of MysteryGrimm’s Ghost Stories; Walt Disney Comics Digest; Golden Comics Digest; House of  Mystery; House of Secrets; Chilling Adventures in Sorcery; Madhouse; Haunt of Horror (not published); The Protector; Dr. Spektor Presents Spine-Tingling TalesBugs BunnyPorky Pig; Tweety and Sylvester; The Little MonstersX-Men AdventuresSpace Family RobinsonVampiress Carmilla  (associate editor)l;  Shudder  (associate editor); Ghost Manor; Ghostly Haunts; Ghostly Tales; Star Wars; Daddy Cool; Mystery Comics DigestTerra O’Hara (creator, with Alfredo P. Alcala); Fanta  (creator);  Eldorado Red  (not published), Tor-Gund the Beast Chief (Tarzan, not published),  Bwana War (Tarzan, not published).  Blood of the Dragon (Jane, not published), The Lost World (graphic novels, not published); others.  NOTE:  Many stories Don wrote were without name credit.


MAGAZINE ARTICLES (excluding “fanzines”): Modern Monsters (editor);Famous Monsters of Filmland; Castle of Frankenstein;  Coffin CutiesDinosaur; Dinosaur Times; Dinosauria; King of the Monsters (associate editor); E-Go Collectors Series  (associate editor); Monsters of the Movies  (associate editor); Henry Winkler Magazine (associate editor); TV’s Dynamic Heroes (associate editor);  Comixscene; Mediascene/Prevue  (West Coast editor); Dinosaurs Invade Philadelphia; Pizzazz;    MGM’s Marvelous Wizard of Oz; Monsters Unleashed!; Search Magazine; Vampire Tales; Science Fiction Illustrated; Natural HistoryThe Journal of Frankenstein The American Way; Family Circle; GritRight on!Tiger Beat; Fave;  Incredible Science Fiction; Model Graphix; Dino-Frontline; The Occult Files of Dr. Spektor;  Dagar the Invincible;  Tragg and the Sky Gods; Golden Comics Digest Mystery Comics Digest; Walt Disney Comics Digest; Scary Monsters; others


MISCELLANEOUS: Creature from the Black Lagoon (1982 Bob Burns Halloween show, televised on CBS); Teenage Monster Rumble and The Prodigy Son (showcase scenes, also directed);  You Bet Jurassic (Islands of Adventure, Orlando, FL);  Tales of Frankenstein Collector’s Photo-Book; Dinosaurs in the Movies (museum laserdisc exhibit); record album, cassette & CD liner notes: Frankensteinand Dracula  radio shows (liner notes); “Give Our Love (to All the People”) (song co-writer,Penny Arkade: Not the Freeze CD album, also performed and co-wrote liner notes); also liner notes for the three “Dinosaur Tracks” and three “Dinosaur Talks” CDs produced and performed with Pete Von Sholly for Fossil Records;  “The Mummy’s Wrap,” included on The Mummy’s Kiss soundtrack CD);  wrote the  Universal Monsters Press Kit  (not issued);  wrote and produced various Tales of Frankenstein and Dances with Werewolves   calendars;  also, briefly was a copywriter for Milt Valera Public Relations, Van Nuys, CA; and wrote numerous scripts for Jim Harmon’s Mini-Drama radio series, two of which — “Frankenstein” (part 1) and “Madhouse of Death” — can be heard on the Tales of Frankenstein DVD.


FANZINES: Don began writing in 1962 for “fanzines,” contributing to many such publications (e.g., The Fantasy Journal, The Transylvanian Newsletter, Radio Hero, Jack Kirby Collector, Review,  Outre’ ,  Night, Amateur Producer’s Magazine, Wonder Stories, Ready for Showing, Mammoth, Guts, Graphic Story World, Alter Ego, Journal of Vampirism, Prehistoric Times and Dinosaur World). In 1962, he published/edited (with Dick Andersen) the fanzine Shazam! and in 1994 the one-shot Dinosaur Tracks Newsletter.