All three DINOSAUR TRACKS albums are now available on digitally re-remastered CDs, available at…


This great 2-volume set just came out. Don wrote a piece about Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, author of the classic novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus in the second volume.

Just reissued on Blu-Ray from Leomark Studios…

Back on CD, digitally remastered, from Kunaki…


Back on DVD from Leomark Studios —  Don  hopes in time for Christmas shopping…

Thanks to Mitch Hallok, for inviting Don (his1st invitation for 2020) to next August’s Terrificon in Uncasville, Connecticut.

If you can read French (and there is a LOT to read), you may want to check out the October 2019 issue of Black Lagoon Fanzine.  Here is the back cover… 

Out now!


Again I’ll be a guest with a table (with some new signed items) — but note the new location.    


Don just returned from TF Con — America’s biggest TRANSFORMERS convention, in Reston, VA — where he was  a VIP guest.  Don wrote a dozen “Generation 1” episodes of that animated show. Among other activities, was on a 2-person panel with his good friend Michael McConnohie, a voice-over actor on that cartoon series, as well as narrator for some of Don’s own motion picture projects, including his recent TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN. 


Rigs Mordo and the other nice people at BLACK LAGOON magazine just published a 38-page interview/article about Don . The magazine is from France-Belgium and in French.


Don has two stories in the current 21st issue of The Creeps magazine — one illustrated by Benito Gellego, the other by Nick Poliwko.  He will have three stories, including the cover story, in the following issue.

Don’s latest movie TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN will have special screening at 7:00 PM on Saturday, November 30, at LOSCON 46, Marriott Los Angeles Airport Hotel. The screening will be followed by a Q & A with Don and  other persons involved in the making of the movie. For more information, see


Out now, available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other fine online sources:

This just out — containing the only story (“A Hammer in Hades!”)  scripted by Don for Marvel’s Thor comic book.

In the upcoming 22nd issue of The Creeps magazine, here’s the “splash page” of one of Don’s stories, influenced by three cowboy heroes from the old Republic Pictures…


Don recently did an hour-long interview with Something Ghoulish. If you’d like to listen, here is the link:

The 2nd Creeps Spooktacular  (the 2020 Annual) re-presents Don’s story “If You Knew Sushi…,” illustrated by Nik Poliwko.


This issue of The Creeps magazine is now out. Don has two stories in the issue…

So far, Don is scheduled to appear at these conventions in 2019:


If you read Spanish, you may enjoy Roberto Barreiro’s  interview with Don in the new issue of 2000 Maniacs magazine.

Don just received his Rondo Award for TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, which won for best independent movie for 2018.  Many thanks to David Colton, founder of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. and artist Kerry Gammill, who sculpted the trophy.

The “TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN Graphic Anthology,” featuring stories adapted by Don from his movie, is out and available from Amazon. If you buy it (and like it), please review it.

On May 11, at a combination birthday party for Scott Fresina (who played the Monster in TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN) and jam session, Don got up on stage with his old/classic Gibson SG electric guitar, stepped up to the microphone and, with Scott. drummer William H. Malouf (formerly of the band Radio Werewolf) and a bass player, performed some old 1950s and ’60s rock ‘n’ roll numbers. This was Don’s first such performance for an audience since 1968! It went over so well, despite the fact that this was the first time they’d all played together, that Scott wants them to start rehearsing and work up a complete set.  Don is very much looking forward to this!

See  issue (# 112) of Scary Monsters magazine for a recent interview with Don conducted by Larry Underwood (TV “horror host” Dr. Gangrene).

Editor/writer Dario Lavia just sent Don from Spain these two new publications! The one devoted to Frankenstein includes a nice section on Don’s film TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and also his old amateur Frankenstein movies; and Cineficcion features a lengthy interview with Don mostly about his involvement with the Frankenstein theme, including movies and publications. Gracias, Amigo! (Don just wishes he could read Spanish!)

Those of you who have enjoyed Don’s What If?  stories Marvel Comics back in the 1970s may be happy to know that they are being collected in book format. The first volume has just been published, with presumably a second yet to come.

Many thanks to producer Guillaume Lebeau and director Thibaud Bertrand for including Don in the documentary they are filming about his friend and former boss, the late Stan Lee, for French TV. The documentary may include clips from the amateur SPIDER-MAN film Dlon made back in 1969. Their production company is the Otago Group.  

The McNae, Marlin & Mackenzie publishing company will publish, for the first time, Don’s novel JAWBREAKER VS. THE SCARLET SKULL, a “pulp” style adventure novel inspired by the old Republic movie serials (e.g., Mysterious Doctor Satan and The Crimson Ghost).  “M3” will also be reissuing — two titles per single volume — my non-fiction books TRUE VAMPIRES OF HISTORY and TRUE WEREWOLVES OF HISTORY, also the novels BUGGED!  (horror) and SPAWN  (science fiction); see “writing credits.”

Don continues to sell various items on Ebay, including signed copies of his paperback book TRUE VAMPIRES OF HISTORY (rare 1st edition, 1971, like new), the magazine-format copies of his New Adventures of Frankenstein series of stories (brand new condition), plus the collectors’ TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN 2019 CALENDAR.

What’s Don been doing lately? Plenty — and seems to be busier than ever. Most of his recent professional time has been centered on two things — promoting his TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN movie, the second film from his company Pecosborn Productions, and available on VOD and DVD, and writing comic book scripts for THE CREEPS magazine. The film was released for 2018’s Halloween and also to celebrate the 200 Anniversary of Mary Shelley classic novel Frankenstein.  DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES, Pecosborn’s first movie, is available on VOD and will soon be released on DVD and Blu-Ray by Leomark Studios. As far as THE CREEPS is concerned, Don keeps writing horror scripts for that Warrant Publication. To date the magazine has stockpiled a huge inventory of his scripts,  numbering many times more than his total output years ago for Warren Publishing Company’s CREEPY, EERIE and VAMPIRELLA magazines — and, Don honestly believes, these new tales are much better!

Don created seven 2019 collectors calendars available with photos from his Pecosborn Productions movies TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES. For ordering information (now that we’re into 2019, prices have been reduced), see the “store” at

Don (who welcomes challenges) has tackled a new kind of writing — trading cards. He has just completed writing a 50-card collectors set based on his new movie TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN. The cards, using color still photos from the film and telling the film’s story-line, will be issued in the next few months.

Don often collaborates with his good friend Steve Kaplan, who owns a great modeling agency in Las Vegas.  Steve’s agency is known for having the best “Las Vegas Trade Show Models in Las Vegas. His agency is called “LVModels” for short and books models for trade shows, conventions, print ads, event staffing, etc… It is based in Las Vegas, but sometimes gets bookings for models in Los Angeles, Anaheim and San Diego. Frequently Steve calls Don, who knows quite a few LA-based models, for referrals. Don is only too happy to help.

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