Don is happy to announce that he will now be writing the 1-page “Carmilla” stories in Vampiress Carmilla magazine.  He will keep writing them until either 1. he rusn out of ideas or 2.  kicks the bucket (hopefully not the latter). Don thanks editor/publisher Rich Sala for assigning him this gig. So far it’s been fun!


Here’s another recent interview with Don you might find interesting:


Coming (very) soon from Strange Particles Press, a new edition of Don’s novel BUGGED, originally published in 1974 by Manor Books.


This is the splash page, illustrated by Benito Gallego, for one of Don’s new stories to be published in an upcoming issue of The Creeps magazine.

Don based the story (which already) had a title on this cover painting by artist Sanjulian.


Here’s the splash page for one of Don’s science fiction-horror stories that will be published this summer in Vampiress Carmilla magazine. It is illustrated by J. Salvador, an artist new to the Warrant Publishing Company, which published the magazine. The story was loosely inspired by a quite different TV drama Don vaguely remembered seeing on TY in the early 1950s, possibly Tales of Tomorrow. Don can’t wait to see the rest when it’s finished.


Don is happy to announce that the long-awaited  Roy Thomas Presents FRANKENSTEIN  Volume 1 will finally be out in just a few months from PS Artbooks in the UK. This volume reprints all of Dick Briefer’s “Frankenstein” stories from Prize Comics #s7-36 (1940-43).  Don is proud to have written the introduction. Later volumes, reprinting Briefer’s stories from the Frankenstein comic book, also with his intros, have already been published and are available.



Out now!  Don’s new novel,  never before published, available as both a paperback book from Amazon and, from both Amazon and Barnes & Noble, an e-book:



In 1971, Don’s novel  Frankenstein Lives Again! was published in Spain. That edition unleashed a number of editions in various languages, revisions and a series of subsequent books, culminating in a massive and more recent 2-volume set published by Pulp 2.0 Press. There are 12 books in all, 11 of them comprising a continuing series series novels, one more, Tales of Frankenstein, an anthology of short stories, which spawned a movie plus various ancillary items. Don had a very long conversation with a successful TV producer who really wants to turn the series of books into a high-end-animation television series. The project — with the umbrella title “The New Adventures of Frankenstein” is being represented by a major Los Angeles agency. Please keep your fingers, toes, eyes and anything else available crossed. And stay tuned for updates!




Don’s short story “Dr. Karnstein’s Creation,” first published in the 1977 paperback THE RIVALS OF FRANKENSTEIN and reprinted several times since, the basis for a segment in his movie TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN, will be included in an anthology book of vampire stories edited by Charles Rutledge and Cliff Biggers,  to be published later this year by Pavane Press.



Again Don was scheduled to  be a guest at this event, but it has been CANCELED by the hotel because of Covid restrictions.  The event has been tentatively re-scheduled for February 28th.


Coming, another cover story — illustrated by  Nik Poliwko…

Don is also proud also to have written the foreword to this new authorized edition of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel Tarzan and the Lost Empire, illustrated by Joe Jusko.  ERB was a huge influence on Don’s writing and his becoming a writer.


Don wrote the foreword to Dracula of Transylvania, an epic new take on the original Bram Stoker novel, authored and illustrated by his very good friend (and fellow aficionado of classic monsters and dinosaurs) Ricardo Delgado.  The book is now available on line from a number of sources.



Soon Don will be making a Big Announcement regarding the Penny Arkade, the late-1960s rock band, produced by Mike Nesmith, in which he played bass guitar and keyboards and also did some singing. 



Strange Particle Press is going to reprint a number of Don’s old nonfiction books, which they regard as “classics,” all long out of print, including these (more to come):




Coming!  Don is in this documentary … among some great company!


 Available now (Don is quoted in the liner notes)!


COMING! M3 Publishers (McNae, Marlin & Mackenzie), which published Don’s Tales of Frankenstein Collectors Photo-Boook, will be re-issuing two of his old non-fiction books, True Vampires of History and True Werewolves of History. This will be a double book (or what M3 calls a “flip book”) — turn Vampires over and you have Werewolves.  Don  worked up these dummy images, but the books will  feature artwork rather than movie stills on their covers, as they are not about films.  



Don, in his capacity as West Coast Representative of Las Vegas Talent Agency ( , which books talent of various kinds for nationwide gigs, has been creating rosters for the agency’s“  Scream Queens” and ( and “TV Horror Hosts” ( sections.  So, if you are looking for any scream queens or horror hosts to appear at  your convention or other special event, check out those links.  Don often collaborates with good friend Steve Kaplan, who owns Las Vegas Talent Agency (Las Vegas Trade Show Models“) .  The agency books all kinds of talent for trade shows, conventions, movies and TV shows, commercials, print ads, event staffing, etc… Although based in Las Vegas, it also  gets bookings for in other parts of the USA.  Don is officially the agency’s West Coast Representative.



Lots of cool collectors products relating to Don’s movies and music are now available (see below):




For those of you who have asked if you can get an autograph of Don, the answer is Yes, coming directly from Don. Available and signed (personally to you if requested) are the following items (other items found on Ebay, Don’s handle being dinodfg).  Orders can be combined to save on postage. For inquiries, Don can be contacted through this website or via Facebook.  For any of these signed items, send check or money order to Don at 2805 N. Keystone Street, Burbank, CA 91504-1604 (additional postage for purchase outside the USA).  PayPal okay if using “Family” option (PP address: State if you want autographs personalized.

Index card with autograph.  $10 (postage included); signed copies of anything sent to Don that he wrote or was involved with, $10 plus return-stamped envelope or box.

8″ x 10″ glossy color photograph showing Don surrounded by some of the comic-book characters whose adventures he’s written, including three he created (Dr. Spektor, Dagar and Tragg).  $20 plus $4.50 1st class postage & handling.

True Vampires of History (1971, paperback), Don’s first published book (under his own name), brand new condition.  $15 plus $4 1st class postage & handling).

Magazine-format copies of his New Adventures of Frankenstein series of stories (brand new condition, but forgive all the typos!).  $15 plus $7.50 media rate postage and handling).

Collectors’ TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN 2019 CALENDAR, edited with photos taken by Don.  $7.50 plus $5.50 1st class postage & handling.

Signed copies of any issues (while they last) of The Creeps and Vampiress Carmilla in which Don, who is also Associate Editor of the magazines, wrote (your choice of issue number,  most issues with Don’s stories are still available).  $15 plus $2.50 1st class postage & handling.  Signed 12″ x 18″ posters of the covers are also available for the same price.


Original fliers for some of Don’s movies — 8.5″ x 11″, full color,  two-sided, lots of photos from the films and great for getting cast and crew signatures:  Dinosaur Valley Girls and Scarlet Countess ($5 each),  Tales of Frankenstein, Blood Scarab, The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula  (aka Scarlet Countess) and The Mummy’s Kiss: 2nd Dynasty,  plus $2.50 1st-class postage and handling.


Tales of Frankenstein one-sided, color postcard from one of Don’s movies reproducing the film’s official poster;  also, postcard featuring Don with the Penny Arkade rock group–   $7.50 each  (free postage).



I Was a Teenage Movie Maker CD, soundtrack for the DVD set of the same title featuring Don’s amateur teenage-monster movies .  A dozen 1950s-style rock ‘n’ role instrumentals, composed and performed by Don and David “Spider” Price.  Signed by Don if requested (requiring removal of shrink wrap). $15 plus $3 1st-class postage and handling.


Don created seven 2019 collectors calendars available with photos from his Pecosborn Productions movies TALES OF FRANKENSTEIN and DANCES WITH WEREWOLVES. For ordering information (now that we’re into 2019, prices have been reduced), see the “store” at