Lots of cool collectors products relating to Don’s movies and music are now available (see below).  NOTE: Don’s books, movies and CDs can be purchased on at Amazon and other sources, including retail stores.  For ordering information, see htpp://pecosborn.com ) and



For those of you who have asked if you can get an autograph of Don, the answer is Yes, coming directly from Don. Available and signed (personally to you if requested) are the following items (other items found on Ebay, Don’s handle being dinodfg).  Orders can be combined to save on postage. For additional information, Don can be contacted through this website or via Facebook.  For any of these signed items, send check, money order or cash to Don at 2805 N. Keystone Street, Burbank, CA 91504-1604 (additional postage for purchase outside the USA).  PayPal okay if using “Family” option (PP address: State if you want autographs personalized. Index card with autograph.  $10 (postage included); signed copies of anything sent to Don that he wrote or was involved with, $10 plus return-stamped envelope or box. 8″ x 10″ glossy color photograph showing Don surrounded by some of the comic-book characters whose adventures he’s written, including three he created (Dr. Spektor, Dagar and Tragg).  $20 plus $4.50 1st class postage & handling.


True Vampires of History (1971, paperback), Don’s first published book (under his own name), brand new condition.  $15 plus $4 1st class postage & handling).


Magazine-format copies of his New Adventures of Frankenstein series of stories (brand new condition, but forgive all the typos!).  $20 plus $7.50 media rate postage and handling).





Signed copies of various issues (while they last) of The Creeps and Vampiress Carmilla in which Don, who is also Associate Editor of the magazines, wrote (your choice of issue number,  most issues with Don’s stories are still available).  $25 for The Creeps, $10 for  Shudder and Vampiress Carmilla, plus $4.50 1st class postage & handling.  Signed 12″ x 18″ posters of the covers are also available for the same price.


Original fliers (limited supply) for some of Don’s movies — 8.5″ x 11″, full color,  two-sided, lots of photos from the films and great for getting cast and crew signatures:  Dinosaur Valley Girls and Scarlet Countess ($5 each),  Tales of Frankenstein, Blood Scarab, The Erotic Rites of Countess Dracula  (aka Scarlet Countess) and The Mummy’s Kiss: 2nd Dynasty plus $2.50 1st-class postage and handling.


I Was a Teenage Movie Maker CD, soundtrack for the DVD set of the same title featuring Don’s amateur teenage-monster movies .  A dozen 1950s-style rock ‘n’ roll instrumentals, composed and performed by Don and David “Spider” Price.

Tales of Frankenstein one-sided, color postcard from one of Don’s movies reproducing the film’s official poster;  also, postcard featuring Don with Penny Arkade rock group–   $5.00 each  (free postage). Signed by Don if requested (requiring removal of shrink wrap). $15 plus $3 1st-class postage and handling.



Pecosborn Productions  store, lots of  cool products based on Don’s movies.

Ordering Address:  DONALD F. GLUT,  2805 N. Keystone Street, Burbank, California 91504-1604 USA