NOTE:  Although Don’s old “I Was a Teenage Movie Maker” website, created and managed by William Armstrong, is now defunct, parts of it (the text, but most of the photos no longer exist) have fortunately been preserved by and can still be view if you CLICK HERE.


1953 – Diplodocus at Large

1956 – The Earth Before Man

1957 – Frankenstein Meets Dracula,  Return of the Wolfman

1958 – The Revenge of Dracula, The Frankenstein Story, Return of the Monster Maker

1959 – The Teenage Frankenstein,  Dinosaur Destroyer,  The Teenage Werewolf,  I Was a Teenage Apeman,  The Time Monsters,  The Day I Vanished,  Slave of the Vampire,  The Fire Monsters,   I Was a Teenage Vampire,  Return of the Teenage Werewolf,  The Teenage Frankenstein Meets the Teenage Werewolf

1960 – The Age of Reptiles,  Revenge of the Teenage Werewolf

1961 – Time Is Just a Place,  Monster Rumble

1962 – The Invisible Teenager,  Tor – King of Beasts,  Captain Marvel,  Superduperman,  Dragsrtrip Dracula

1963 – The Human Torch,  The Adventures of the Spirit

1964 – Son of Tor,  Spy Smasher vs. the Purple Monster, Batman and Robin,  Captain America Battles the Red Skull,  Captain America vs. the Mutant

1965 – Jeepers’ Creepers Car Chase, Wrath of the Sun Demon,  Superman vs. the Gorilla Gang

1966 – For What Purpose?,  Rocketman Flies Again

1967 – Atom-Man vs. Martian Invaders

1969 –  Spider-Man