1953 – Diplodocus at Large

1956 – The Earth Before Man

1957 – Frankentein Meets Dracula,  Return of the Wolfman

1958 – The Revenge of Dracula, The Frankenstein Story, Return of the Monster Maker

1959 – The Teenage Frankenstein,  Dinosaur Destroyer,  The Teenage Werewolf,  I Was a Teenage Apeman,  The Time Monsters,  The Day I Vanished,  Slave of the Vampire,  The Fire Monsters,   I Was a Teenage Vampire,  Return of the Teenage Werewolf,  The Teenage Frankenstein Meets the Teenage Werewolf

1960 – The Age of Reptiles,  Revenge of the Teenage Werewolf

1961 – Time Is Just a Place,  Monster Rumble

1962 – The Invisible Teenager,  Tor – King of Beasts,  Captain Marvel,  Superduperman,  Dragsrtrip Dracula

1963 – The Human Torch,  The Adventures of the Spirit

1964 – Son of Tor,  Spy Smasher vs. the Purple Monster, Batman and Robin,  Captain America Battles the Red Skull,  Captain America vs. the Mutant

1965 – Jeepers’ Creepers Car Chase, Wrath of the Sun Demon,  Superman vs. the Gorilla Gang

1966 – For What Purpose?,  Rocketman Flies Again

1967 – Atom-Man vs. Martian Invaders

1969 –  Spider-Man