NOTE: The writing credits listed below are by title. For many titles, such as television series (e.g., Transformers, Centurians, Dino-Riders, etc.), comic books (e.g., The Occult Files of Doctor Spektor, Mystery Comics Digest, Bugs Money, The Little Monsters, Thrilling Adventures in Sorcery, etc.) and magazines (e.g., Famous Monsters of Filmland, Modern Monsters, Monsters of the Movies, etc.) Don wrote many articles and stories under either a pen name (e.g., Don Grant, Mick Rogers, Bradley D. Thorne, Dale Steele, Rod Richmond, Johnny Jason (Fave magazine) and Victor Morrison), or with no credit at all (mainly animated TV series episodes,  Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine, the Lauffer Company teen magazines, and both illustrated stories and text pieces for Gold Key comic books).  Don also did some “ghost writing.” as in  sections of Jim Harmon’s Great Radio Comedians  and The Steranko History of Comics 3 (not published), also in comic books. For movies made by Frontline Entertainment, Don was also co-producer and director, and for Pecosborn Productions, executive producer and director.  Many titles are available from Amazon or, if out of print, can be found on Ebay. Links are generally only to publications where Don’s work is cover featured.

MOTION PICTURES: Tales of Frankenstein (also director; winner, 17th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards); Dances with Werewolves  (co-writer & co-director with Dan Golden); Blood Scarab  The Mummy’s Kiss, The Mummy’s Kiss: 2nd DynastyDinosaur Valley Girls, Scarlet Countess  and Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood (also directed); Hell Squad  (co-writer, uncredited); Shapeshifter (co-writer, not filmed); and Ultraman, Hero from the Stars (not filmed); also directed (but did not write the short film The Vampire Hunters Club“UNDERGROUND” MOVIES:  Spy Smasher vs. the Purple MonsterRocketman Flies AgainBatman and Robin; and Captain America Battles the Red Skull.


TELEVISION (live action): Shazam!,  Land of the Lost; Dinosaur Tracks  (also co-producer/host; cable access); Dinosaurs, More Dinosaurs and Paleo World (consultant), Reign of the Dinosaurs (CGI series; writer team/consultant; DVD title Dinotasia).


TELEVISION (animation): X-Men; Robocop; B.A.D. (Bureau of Alien Detectors); Duck Tales; Jonny QuestSpider-Man; Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends; Transformers; G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero;  Dink the Little Dinosaur Dino-Riders; Challenge of the Gobots; Battle of the Rocklords; Mighty Orbots; Super Powers Team: Galactic GuardiansCenturians; Monchhichis; The Young Sentinels  (Space Sentinels);  Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle; The New Shmoo; Space StarsAstro and the Space Mutts; The FrankenstonesHeathcliff/Riff Raff; Foofur; Sky Commanders; Get Along Gang (also “bible”)Popeye; Godzilla; The Incredible Hulk; The All New Superfriends; Scooby Doo; The Biskitts; Dynomutt, Dog Wonder; Wildfire; Majid; also various TV-show presentations for Marvel Productions (including The Monstress) and Dic Enterprises. NOTE: Many of the episodes Don wrote were without name credit.


VIDEOS & DOCUMENTARIES: Before La Brea  (also directed); Dinosaur Movies  (also directed/hosted); Dinosaur Tracks   (also directed; wrote  and performed music); The Making of Dinosaur Valley Girls (also directed); Hollywood Goes Ape!  (also directed); Fossil Hunter  (also directed); Dinosaurs vs. Apes   (includes Dinosaur Movies, Hollywood Goes Ape! and Fossil Hunter); and I Was a Teenage Movie Maker.


NOVELS: The Empire Strikes Back (#1 best-seller 2 months; winner of  1980 Galaxy Award); Dinosaur Valley Girls: The Novel;  Bugged; SpawnBrother Blood;   Jawbreaker!;   and included in two volumes: Frankenstein Lives Again; Terror of Frankenstein;  Bones of  Frankenstein; Frankenstein Meets Dracula; Frankenstein vs. the Werewolf; Frankenstein in the Lost World; Frankenstein in the Mummy’s Tomb; The Return of Frankenstein; Frankenstein and the Curse of Dr. Jekyll Tales of FrankensteinFrankenstein and the Evil of Dracula; and  Frankenstein: The Final Horror 

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